How to Make a Hole in a Belt?

Are you in love with your unique belt collection? Are you known as a fashion icon in your family and social circle? you can enjoy fashion aesthetics with your skills. Make your loose belts a perfect fit by adding favorable piercings.

 Need not worry if you have a plan to lose weight. All your handy and treasured dresses including unique leather belts. Revive your closet by learning how to make a hole in a belt. It will rejoice in your persona by making all your rare leather belts an active part of your current dress code.

Here you will get the smart ways to punch a hole in a belt at home. These all are easy and adaptable. You can do it all at home without any difficulty collecting countless instruments around you.

Let’s start doing it step by step.

Firstly, get an accurate measure of making a hole.

Mark the exact hole measurement to relish the superb results of all you are going to do.

To be the righteous one, follow it carefully.

  • Place the belt on a plain surface straight.
  • Use a scale to measure the right distance intervals among holes.
  • Mark the same interval spaces as many as you want.
  • You may use paper tape to measure the distance between the piercing. It can be an easy go. It will also save time. 

Piercing your belt with home tools.

Once you are done with the proper measuring, go ahead to the actual task. Using some of your simple home equipment you can punch a hole in your belt. These super tools may be as follows.

An awl. An awl is a prime used item in every toolbox. You need to pull it out of your toolbox with the assistance of a hammer and a small piece of wood. 

Put the pointed area on the wooden piece to give the awl tip a proper space to insert in. place the sharp point of the awl on the hole point and whack hard hit with your hammer. The desired hole is the right way there.

  • A nail.

If you don’t have an awl in your toolbox, do not worry about doing it all. There is another magical thing just around you at home. A nail is a perfect fit to get beyond the leather layer of your belt. Just repeat the procedure with a nail instead of an awl. And that is all you desired.

  • A pointed dagger.

Your pointed pocket knife is the best fit to get through it all. Never mind using it as a piercing needle for your belt. Point it exactly on your marked place and push to cross the leather coat making a fine hole.

Some professional methods to make a hole in a belt.

When it is required to make holes professionally, you can be a master over here. 

Using simple puncturing methods can make you a pro in it.

Following are the ways to make a hole in a belt professionally.

  • Using a power drill.

If you want to have the holes in an exact measure of the same as already existing, it will be a dream comes true method. Usually, a drill machine has needle kits of different sizes. these can be used to get fine measuring holes.

  • A rotary punch.

You may get a rotary punch which is specially made to punch leather and other such materials. Just fix the marked point in the punch hole and press the clutch to cross the knob over making the fine hole.

  • Round punch and hammer.

A round drive punch is also made for piercing leather-made items. Do not forget to put a wooden block under the belt for padding the punch.

Conclusion note.

All these methods are supreme ideas to rock your belts. Making your creation will be a great boost to your outlook when you will wear it. Enjoy trendy fashion wear by making a hole in a belt to make your collection a revival edition to your closet.