6 Steps To Care For Your Leather Wallet

A wallet made of leather is an investment that deserves to be protected. If you take care of it with care, you can keep an excellent leather wallet for many years. It’s crucial to remember the fact that it’s a natural material just like skin, it is susceptible to being damaged.
Leather has various types which are used on the basis of the needs and requirements.

Here are six useful suggestions for caring for your wallet made of leather.

Keep Out of Direct Sunlight and Heat

One of the easiest ways to take care of your wallet made of leather is to protect it from hot and direct sunlight. Long-term exposure to sunlight or heat can dry out the leather and lead to cracking.

If you look at Limup’s Wallets you’ll find the genuine leather is designed to feel soft and soft. The heat deprives the leather natural oils and can cause it to become stiffer. Because carrying around your wallet usually involves folding and unfolding the fabric, this stiffness can make the pressure point be damaged and then crack, eventually destroying it. Do not throw your wallet on the dash of your car and tucking it beneath the seating area or inside an area like the console. At home, store your wallet with leather in an organized drawer.

Avoid contact with moisture

Moisture also has a negative impact on the leather wallet. While your wallet may be perfect in your purse during rainy days however, you’d prefer not to put it in the washer in a haphazard manner.

If your wallet is wet, dry it using an absorbent cloth and allow it to dry naturally. Keep your wallet shut when it’s drying to keep the fold, and think about placing a credit card on each side of the billfold in order to keep the original shape. Avoid using the blow dryer since this could cause shrinkage and cracks.

how to clean leather wallet at home

Leather is abrasive and sensitive surfaces. When you dry or clean the outside, apply soft microfiber towels to keep from scratching. If the material is something that you wouldn’t put for your glass, don’t put the towel on leather. It’s also essential to stay clear of other surfaces that are abrasive. Avoid putting you wallet inside the same place as your keys and be aware of zippers and buttons.

Don’t Overstuff Your Wallet

Although there are far more serious issues that having too much cash in your wallet, overstuffed pockets can stretch the grain of leather and result in cracks and damage.

Overstuffed leather can also sag the leather, taking away the elegant, flat appearance. If you have to store your receipts, keep them in your pocket instead of your wallet. Change out your cash and cards as you need to and take the time to organize your wallet every couple of weeks.

Don’t Sit on Your Wallet

The habit of putting your wallet in the wrong place is another common mistake many people make. Keep it in the back of your pocket will be okay for walking about, however, it is best to take it out whenever sitting down. The weight of your body’s weight places stress on the leather, especially when you’re carrying money and cards. The weight of your wallet causes stress to the stitching. The act of sitting on your wallet can also be detrimental to your body, as it can cause back misalignment.

Use a Leather Conditioner

You can also extend the life span of your wallet’s leather with regular clean-ups and frequent application to leather conditioner. Find a product that is leather-safe and chemical-free. By following these easy guidelines, you can take maintain your wallet’s leather and increase the longevity the investment.