How Can You Wash Your Leather Bag?

You must have concern that how you can wash your leather bag especially when you want to grab your favorite one from your unique collection. Leather bags are all time in fashion accessories and are considered antiques as well.

 Having a rare collection of handbags is the wish of almost every girl. To make your collection stay longer and more is to keep it in a good condition is worth doing. So don’t be worried anymore if you get your bag stained or even if it got dirty from frequent use of it.

General instructions to wash your leather handbag.

If your closet has an adequate amount of leather bags that are out of use because of their condition, there is no more to think to waste them. You will have an easy and rapid set of instructions to do magic with them all.

  • Firstly, be calm and don’t be hasty.
  • Separate the bags color-wise.
  • Make sure to empty the bag before cleaning it.
  • Use a soft brush for cleaning a leather bag.
  • Always use a mild liquid detergent for washing a leather bag.
  • Never rub a bar of soap directly on the bag.
  • Must have a trial of washing reaction on some hidden part of your bag.
  • Try maximum to avoid the zips getting wet.
  • Possibly do wipe clean first wet cloth soaked in liquid detergent solution.
  • Make sure the wiping cloth would be of white in color.
  • In case white cloth isn’t available, use one that may not leave color.

How to do the washing process?

Once you have emptied your bag for washing and cleaning, the very first thing to do is to just check the washing effects in a small area that must be hidden. This is why because if the effects are not washing-friendly, you may change the strategy. And it will save damaging your bag anymore.

It’s better to make wet clothing cleaning rather than wash your leather handbag. Just soak the cloth in a soapy liquid and have a gentle rub on the stains anywhere on the bag.

After making your all cleaning finished, dry the wet leather bag properly. You may use a clean dry cloth to make it dry. Leaving it for a little in the open air will also help you dry it.

Making sure to make it dry fix all the inside pockets and zips. You will find yourself at the peak of pleasure after getting a new bag without getting out even a penny from your pocket.

So, a little of your effort can make you happy and contented.

Must follow don’ts.

Here are some don’ts that you must follow while you wash your leather handbag.

  • Any kind of machine wash is never appreciated.
  • A spray bottle can make your work easier and better to apply the soapy liquid to small areas of bag folding.
  • To remove dust particles from small corners folding a small brush can help you do it better.
  • Do not use any dryer to make your wet leather bag dry.
  • Do not use any kind of bleach.
  • Do not use high-chemical washing materials.
  • Do not let your leather handbag keep wet for a long.
  • Do not use any hard stuff equipment for cleaning.
  • To iron your leather bag means you do not want it anymore, so never iron it.
  • Avoid keeping it at a place of severe weather exposure.

Some magic tips to renew your leather handbag.

These magical tips will make your leather bag as fresh as you just grabbed it from the market.

Open your makeup box and take out the nail paint of the matching color with your handbag. Just find the small spots which are somehow damaged and restore them by applying a sufficient amount of matching nail paint. Let it dry properly. If required you may apply another coat of it.

Another remedy to renew your antique item, to make it a rare one is to replace its strips with an old one with a matching color. Even you may use contrast strips to create a funky theme of your own.

To reinvigorate the shine of your leather handbag you may use a leather conditioner. It will give a boosting effect to it even after you have washed your leather handbag.

Payback pleasures when you wash your leather bags.

Just manage to escape one hour from your routine schedule and it may save many of your hours by making you get away from tiring market visits. The happiest moment will be the one when you will save your money by making your oldies the goldies. How pleasant will you feel at that time! Really it will be uncountable!

A quick recap of how you can wash your leather handbag.

This rapid review is to get you to a quick recap of all the above-mentioned details of how you can wash your leather handbag to make it used for longer. These facts and figures make you feel lucky when you will be able to reuse all your dirty handbag stuff by making it clean at home same as you got them the first time.

Keep in mind the precautionary measures. For your ease, a summary of it is here. Just figure out the dos and don’ts to make your results more effective and long-lasting.

Never use any bleach or detergent with the high chemical. Don’t soak the leather handbag directly in a soapy liquid or even don’t let it wet for long. Use a soft brush and clothing to wipe out the dirt and stains. Process it politely. to boost up the shine and looks of your bag you may use a fine conditioning product. Some of the home remedies can work like a spell on minor damaged corners. Always let the leather bag dry naturally by keeping it in the open air. Any kind of machine used, either for washing or drying may cause damage.

Enjoy it all by knowing how you can wash your leather handbag easily. It will make you love yourself to be so sublime in finding out the solution to your problem.